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A Moment of Cakeness new website

A Moment of Cakeness is a cake company based in Banbury which designs and sells cakes for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays and all celebrations. Their ranges of cakes come in all shapes and sizes and also have unique and various different cake fillings which appeal to all tastes. Due to faults of the previous website the firm came to e-swoosh...
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Auto Paint Store new website

The Auto Paint Store is a growing firm in Oxfordshire for selling all kinds of paint and painting tools...
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KNR website

KNR Jewellery is one of the original fingerprint jewellers and a leading UK fingerprint company. Seeing as they are a well respected jewellery group they felt...
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Kimbers Ark Banbury B&B website

Kimbers Ark is a Banbury guesthouse / bed and breakfast. They have visitors come from the world-over and had decided thei..
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Should I buy shares in twitter

Why does twitter exist? - Most businesses exist to serve others and make a sensible profit whilst doing so - Is that righ..
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How to kill a laptop (HP G6) and how to prevent over heating

We've just had a HP G6 laptop in that would not power up, show any lights or do anything at all - the owner said: “We shut the lid and put it down by the bed before we went to sleep, then in the morning it just wouldn't power up at all!”.
Our first thoughts were that the power jack or mains ch..
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Find make & model of laptop

During the last couple of years our customers have heard or read this question time and time again 'Please could you tell us the make and model of your lap..
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How to measure screen sizes

Measuring your laptop screen is easy - and it's really important that you give us accurate measurements so take your t..
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The benefit of refreshing your website

Let's face it, it's 2013 and your business has neglected to 'keep on top' of updating your website - It's not bad, it's just not that great either. Did you know that spending just 10 minutes a week updating your website will impro..
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