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A Moment of Cakeness website redevelopment case study

Analysed and Compiled by Thabo Ndebele on 11th July 2014

A Moment of Cakeness is a cake company based in Banbury which designs and makes cakes for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Their cakes come in all shapes and sizes and also have unique and various different cake fillings which appeal to all tastes. Due to faults with their previous website the firm came to e-swoosh to resolve and create their new up-to-date site.

A Moment of Cakeness Website A Moment of Cakeness old website

Charlie came to us unsure of the faults on her previous website, and to also redesign the site using the same house style colours but with unique and neat features. Her previous website was using images instead of text so Charlie’s website wasn’t placing high in the search results on Google; it was unable to highlight and read any of the keywords on the website. So Charlie got in contact with us in need of help and we advised her on what was needed to bring the site in-line with current SEO standards, as well as everything that was required to solve the issues she had.

The Requirements

  • To provide professional services in maintaining and managing domain name situation
  • Place highly on the search results on Google
  • To overhaul current website design into something a bit cleaner, putting photos at the fore-front whilst keeping a fun look and feel to the site.
  • Make an interactive good user experience for the gallery pages

Certain aspects of the designing process of the new site were time consuming as it took a while for us to design the shop on the home page which has various images in the windows. However it has proven to be worth it, as this makes the website very unique which can prove to give the firm a competitive advantage. Furthermore another feature of the site is the animated logo which we thought was a really unique and appealing thing to include to the site. Although it took a few hours to create using JavaScript it was worthwhile as it gives the site a unique touch.

A Moment of Cakeness new website development New Wordpress website design and build

A Moment of Cakeness new website development Notes made during development indicating alignment and positioning

This design required some special consideration for how it would work on tablets like the iPad and how it would respond to work well on mobiles.
When visiting this website from a mobile device the end user will be presented with a unique mobile version of the site - infact the website is responsively designed and so copes really well with all sizes of screen size (within reason!).

A Moment of Cakeness new responsive website Initial landing page view of the website with hand-drawn shop front

A Moment of Cakeness new responsive website The new responsive Wordpress website design and build completed view

Website address & summary

If you want to have a look at our work then simply just visit: amomentofcakeness.com

Due to our work Charlie’s site has now appeared highly in the search feed which has made a really big difference as the site has increased in traffic largely due to our input.
Furthermore the new website’s unique features have really appealed to customers as these features are not found on most competitors’ sites.

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