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The benefit of refreshing your website

Crafted on 12th of July 2013 by Paul Drage

Our old website Our old website

Let's face it, it's 2013 and your business has neglected to 'keep on top' of updating your website - It's not bad, it's just not that great either. Did you know that spending just 10 minutes a week updating your website will improve how often it appears in search results?

We've just finished completely over-hauling our own website; It's the very same story we hear from our clients all the time - “When we have some more time we will update the website” or “Next week..” - Guess what? Our next week quickly turned into next year and before you realise it 2 years have passed and the website has still not had any attention.

What you can do TODAY

If you have access to edit your website (or create new content by logging in):

  • Update your website with up to date contact information
  • Tell your customers or clients what you've been up to
  • Make sure your company branding and logo's are correct
  • Don't be afraid to delete whole chunks of content which are no longer relevant

Monitoring and keeping track of changes

1. Keep a copy of your site across it's various revisions - It's great to see where you have come from - it makes any work you do feel even more rewarding.

2. Don't be scared to make changes to copy and content - just make sure you don't damage any SEO keywords that you might be relying on at the moment.

3. Search engines like Google and Bing are getting mildly intelligent and can make automatic decisions about your website - make sure your website isn't built using Flash

Make a plan

Here at e-swoosh we try to take clients through the process of refreshing their website (or creating a new one) in a logical order, so with this in mind we create 'The vision' - which is a simple document (or email) outlining which major changes need to be tackled and when.

When you arrive at your destination, your vision and end goal - don't stop - Keep going, make a conscious effort to come back to your website often and improve on it - keep on top of your competition.


Years ago an old headmaster at school once told me the story of the glass cupboard - in [very] short: what you put in nearly always directly equates to what you are able to get back out.

Stop taking all the time and start putting things back in - only then will you reap the rewards of an unbeatable search engine results position and the boost to your bottom line profit.

Paul Drage, Lead IT Consultant at e-swoosh is usually found bonded to a keyboard and plugged into the internet building business cloud software or repairing IT equipment.

Paul Drage IT consultant