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What is the make and model of your laptop

Crafted on 22nd of July 2013
by Paul Drage

Laptop model number
Laptop model number

During the last couple of years our customers have heard or read this question time and time again 'Please could you tell us the make and model of your laptop/PC'.

Usually for us to be able to give you a price (quotation) for a repair order, we need to know at the very minimum:

  • The make & model of machine (laptop/PC etc)
  • What the problem is
  • Your name and contact information
  • Any relevant information (for example: I dropped it in a river)

Finding the make & model number

Often the manafacturer will stick labels to the under-side of a laptop; in most cases the label will be silver coloured with black writing on.
See if you can find the manafactuer name (for example: Acer, Dell or Asus) and the model number (for example: Aspire 1010, Inspiron 1545, X198).

Once you have identified your make and model number: let us know what it is and we will be very quick to help you.

If you aren't sure of the model number, the sticker has come off, or are otherwise pre-occupied just bring it in to us and we'll take care of everything for you.

Paul Drage, Lead IT Consultant at e-swoosh is usually found bonded to a keyboard and plugged into the internet building business cloud software or repairing IT equipment.

Paul Drage IT consultant