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KNR Website and E-commerce case study

Written on 7th July 2014 by Nick Skiplorne
Produced and compiled by Thabo Ndebele

KNR Jewellery is one of the original fingerprint jewellers and a leading UK fingerprint company. Seeing as they are a well respected jewellery group they felt that it was appropriate to have a professional, modern looking website, which is where e-swoosh comes in.

KNR old website KNR old website

Kirstie from KNR got in contact with us with ideas of a brand new, more convenient website which is visually appealing for possible future customers. Her current website at the time was not doing any of these things.

The Requirements

  • Create a WordPress based store so everything is on one website
  • A completely new design and template which is optimised for mobile and tablet devices, such as the iPad and iPhone
  • WordPress e-commerce setup
  • Add new products to the website

Designing this website from scratch was a long process but we ended up with a decent, well polished web page that both we and the client were pleased with. We put a lot of time and effort into setting up e-commerce on Wordpress to ensure that Kirstie still maintains an element of control over her website. We also wanted to make sure that the new website was a lot more visual when it comes to purchasing products, you [or a customer] can now find the products you want in a few simple clicks.

KNR new website New Wordpress website design and build

KNR new website development Notes made during development indicating alignment and positioning

This design required some special consideration for how it would work on tablets like the iPad and how it would respond to work well on mobiles.
When visiting this website on a mobile device the user will get a more streamlined experience.

Here's what Kirstie from KNR had to say

“Paul at e-swoosh ltd was originally recommended to me when I needed someone to take on editing and amendments to my old website. As a jewellery designer, I rely on my website as my 'brochure' and when I launched a new range of products my old website was too restrictive and only demonstrated part of what I do. My business had developed but my website was holding me back. I wanted to stand out against competitors not just keep up. With Paul's specialist knowledge and experience he came up with a new design with more features and ideas that I even knew existed. He listened to my requirements and needs from a business point of view and helped me understand customers’ requirements when buying online. The finished result is everything I need, more than I dreamt of and has exceeded any preconceived expectations I originally had. I would not hesitate in recommending Paul and his team at e-swoosh. They have not only created a website beyond my imagination but future proofed my business needs for the next chapter!”

Kirstie, KNR Jewellery, 2014


KNR new responsive website

KNR new responsive website Shiny new responsive Wordpress website design

Website address & summary

If you want to have a look at our work then simply just visit: knrjewellery.co.uk

Overall there were some technical challenges due to the amount of product variation considering that it’s bespoke jewellery. However, all the hard work has paid off and is worth it seeing as it is such a vast improvement on what it was.

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