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Should I buy stocks and shares in twitter ?

Pondered by Paul Drage on 7th November 2013

Twitter to go public Twitter is going to go public!

Every time a new highly valued customer/client walks through the door of e-swoosh we ask 'What is it you are trying to achieve' - this applies to new websites, web applications and everything in-between.
It's important that people have a clear understanding of what it is they want to achieve in life - whether it's a project, a purchase or a personal goal.

So it begs the question: Why does twitter exist? - Most businesses exist to serve others and make a sensible profit whilst doing so - Is that right?

How much profit has twitter made?

None, £0.00, $0.00

How much is twitter 'worth'? - some news sites are reporting £11 billion!

So what is the future for twitter? Image and text adverts? Monetising business accounts? Selling peoples information? ("Big data") - Probably all of the above at some point in future.

It begs the question: Would users pay to use twitter? Would users pay to use facebook? - and before you say 'NO!' - why not?
facebook, twitter, linkedin - to name but a few, all need to generate revenue to keep their staff in jobs - roofs over their families heads and food in their stomachs in order to continue building and maintaining the social networks that millions use every day!

I won't buy shares in twitter - you can buy me some instead if you like

I would be really interested to hear if anyone has or will invest in twitter, and why? Let us know on Google+

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