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Bespoke web solutions and applications

Bespoke web solutions & cloud based applications

Here at e-swoosh we've written many web solutions, by which we mean web-based applications for small businesses.

But what does that really mean? And can you benefit?

Your software, your way

Many businesses start up and adapt a spreadsheet or perhaps a database to control their business. This isn't standard stuff like accounts packages or sales tools - there are hundreds out there to choose from so why re-invent the wheel?

No - this is about something written for you.

Successful businesses soon find they need to track information and data in a way that's unique to them. You might need to track stock in hand and in transport, analyse sales in a particular way, or monitor competitor prices online, something like that.

You could have your own system that does exactly what you need, very easily and quickly.

Quick and responsive

In the olden days software development would have delivered a computer program written for you. But you'd be in for a long haul. You'd have to go through a period of consultation and specification before a program could be written and loaded onto your computers.

All time-consuming and inevitably expensive.

Now web solutions have changed all that.

Web solutions are programs which can be put together quickly. Because they use similar tools to the ones used to build websites, you can access them from anywhere.

The process is less painful because it's easy to put something together and show it to you, to see what you think. If you like it we continue and do the next stage.

It's all quick and painless and that makes it much more cost-effective.
There are huge opportunities for businesses today to have their own programs written for them to run their business.

If you think the time is right to see if you can use a web solution to lever your business up into the next league, then drop us a line or call.

We won't use jargon or baffle you with mumbo-jumbo.

“ An absolutely HUGE thank you to Paul Drage at e-swoosh for sorting my Access Database out. You are an absolute Gentleman Sir :) ”

Testimonial from:
Neil Webber, Pro-Clean, 2013
“ Paul Drage of e-swoosh Ltd recently did an amazing job of creating a music download system for me. His work ethic is second to none and always manages to complete a job with precision and efficiency. His knowledge of the computer world is vast and I would always trust his advise/judgement. I would not go anywhere else for IT/computer related problems. Paul is the real deal. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, efficient and his prices are very fair too. ”

Testimonial from:
Crista Chylton, Balance Being, 2013
“ ..they also got to talking about my website, which I know needs more work than I can do. I just have no idea about websites. Simple changes made a huge difference. I have been back since those simple changes and now have a new section for Digitizing all of which was designed by e-swoosh. They kept it simple (which I personally like). Nothing worse than landing on an over complicated website that you can not work your way around. I would be hard pushed to find one company that can cover the amount of ideas I have. They have an answer for every question. They think outside the box yet look at the finish as if they are totally new to the web. Thank you e-swoosh ”

Testimonial from:
Juliet Vincent, Desire Tattoo Bags, 2013

“..this is about something written for you.”


Some technologies our solutions are based on

PHP 4 and 5

Utilising PHP and an industry standard framework allows us to develop secure, well thought-out interactive applications which can be deployed to web servers very quickly.


WordPress is our CMS of choice, development of themes and plugins for wordpress is not a problem.

MySQL databases

Leveraging the almighty power of MySQL databases is something our applications do well - storing and sorting your data into a safe, secure and logical order.

Skeleton CSS

Skeleton CSS framework is the basis for most, if not all of our projects - the website you are looking at right now is using it. It allows us to concentrate on building great user experiences quickly and efficiently.

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This list is not exhaustive but represents a cross-section of some of the work we do.

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Custom database applications

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Managed email campaigns

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