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Custom database applications

Business software that increases efficiency

Developing a business is hard work, some would argue that handling business growth is just as hard if not harder.

e-swoosh can take a manual time consuming process, automate it and turn it into a well oiled machine.
That's exactly what we did for The iPhone Surgery who had a manual shipping process in 2012 that was consuming upwards of an hour a day.

The solution?

Two simple cloud-based applications that interface with the iPhone Surgery's main database - generating shipping labels and allowing for consignments to be tracked through the use of a barcode scanner.


We saved 5 hours of labour.. per week - which is 260 hours a year.. which equates to £1600.00 per year.
Aside from the actual cost savings of labour - the iPhone surgery are now able to serve their customers better by giving rapid updates on order progress - and all with just one or two barcode scans.