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Managed email campaigns

Giving you back the time to do some 'real work'

A lot of businesses gather their customers name and address information, and sometimes they create a mailing list or gather customers email addresses with the intention of one day doing email marketing.

Email addresses sat on file are not doing your business any good, they should be used to effectively market your business to your consumers via email and other media.

Case study

Ekko Salon Banbury were running their own email campaigns for a short while - with no knowledge of the strict SPAM rules and regulations, and no idea how to collate statistics.

e-swoosh stepped in originally to help cover the skills gap in email newsletter campaign creation (including image editing).
After a few months of frustrating development ekko concluded it would make more sense to use an out-source provider for this role/task.

Previously a receptionist had been doing the email newsletter alongside her usual daily tasks - but the email creation was having a knock-on effect, it was tying her up so that she was unable to perform her normal every day tasks.

Enter e-swoosh

We worked with ekko to produce 3 unique email templates - then each month the team at ekko produce the copy and select images to use for the newsletter - it all gets compiled and sent out from e-swoosh HQ - we then provide a monthly management level statistics report so ekko can see how they are doing.


We saved 4-5 hours of labour.. per newsletter each month - which is about 48 hours a year.. which equates to £178.00 per year.
The receptionist who was previously creating the newsletter would often get stressed about the task in hand - that is now gone.
Ultimately ekko salon are now able to communicate with their customer base without stress and with no need for technical knowledge.